Friday, December 14, 2018


Elli serves each week at this after school facility to the poor children in our local community.  Many of these children attend her Bible program on Saturdays as well.  We are so thankful to the Lord for the open door to us there; both for Elli to serve regularly, and for us to reach the children through various outreaches, VBS' and more.  We had a day filled with JOY this past week, doing a special Christmas program for them.  Games, food, cookie decorating - more importantly reading the Christmas story from God's Word - so we can celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas - JESUS !


Wow!  Who would have thought that this past year, our son would be traveling and competing as both the Romanian National Junior 2 Champion and the Balkan Junior 2 Champion.  Culminating with being on the Romanian National Power Lifting Team and traveling to Lithuania for the European Junior 1 & 2 Championships.  Here are some photos from that and the past months, where each competition he has taken gold - both in his weight category and as overall for all boys under 18.  He has competed in men's overall competitions here in Romania, where he has finished with silver and bronze (meaning he competed against all ages in his weight category).
He did not win a medal at the European Championships but won the hearts of many, as the youngest competitor (and with the least amount of years competing).  He did personal bests in both the squat and dead lifts, and finished 7th of 14 in the bench press.  May God be glorified, and we look forward to next year (God willing).


Deadlift.  Personal best of 205kg.  16 years old !

James and his coach

All the competitors in the U18 -93kg group
Recognized for being part of the group who competed.
God is good.

Balkan Championship.  All Romanian team competitors won gold.
James' coach to your right.  James won gold in his age/weight and won the overall Junior 2 champion for -18

BALKAN CHAMPION for all Junior 2's (U18)
He is 16 years old.

GOLD AND SILVER in Men's Bench Press (Sibiu, Romania)

GOLD - Alba Iulia Bench Press -93kg
Overall Champion in -18

James with his coach and sports club from Sibiu, Romania

FIRST COMPETITION after 6 months training.
He is 15 years old in this photo.
Gold overall for weight division in -18.
Gold for weight division -18 in all 3 categories:  bench, squat and deadlift.
OVERALL ROMANIAN NATIONAL JUNIOR 2 CHAMPION (highest points in all weight classes -18)

**picture below is from same competition

BRONZE in his first Romanian National Competition at age 15.  Won in the ALL mens open for the -93kg


This was an outreach to our community.  We invited those the Lord put in our hearts, to join us for Sunday worship and meal - at the end of October (Harvest time here in Romania).  We rejoice in the over 30 guests who responded.  Many of whom we never thought we would see enter the church doors.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to water the seeds that were planted that day, and bring these individuals to a saving relationship with Him.


Always a blessing to be able to see our Casa Sanctuary friends.  It's been hard to see them as often as we would like since moving to the Jiu Valley; but we soak in as much as we can when we do get to see them.  Please keep all of the children and staff in your prayers.  May the Lord meet all needs:  emotional, spiritual, financial and physical.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Saturday Children's Program

Almost 15 girls came for Saturday fellowship:  lesson, crafts, a game and a snack.
The Boys went with JeJe and some of the older guys to explore a cave.
The second Saturday we had boys and girls join for children's picnic.
Elli now has a regular Saturday children's fellowship as a result.
Only one of the girls had a Bible in her house; they were all excited to receive Bibles and shared on Sunday that they had begun reading them !

VBS to the children of our Neighborhood !

Please pray for their hearts, as we continue to minister God's love to them.
Pray for watered seeds and deep, strong roots - that they would soak up God's Word and grow !!!